Horse Boarding and Training Blue Ridge TX
Dodson Farms are owned and operated by Leslie and Nick Dodson in partnership with Suny and James Warden.  Together they created WD Farms LLC with boarding operations in both Blue Ridge and Terrel TX.
When life relocated the Dodson's  to Texas they spent a considerable amount of time unable to find suitable property to board their own horses.  After meeting the Warden's who had encountered the same obstacles the couples were determined to ensure that horse lovers had an affordable place to board and ride.
 What started as a small barn and a couple of horses soon grew to a larger operation with over twenty head of horses and multiple barns. 
Dodson Farms is able to offer lower rates simply due to lower overhead.  Our property is safe, adequate and fun but not fancy.  Please drop by and see us anytime.  We love to talk about our horses or yours.